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The Practice Launchpad: How I Started from Scratch

By Dr. Edwin Williams

Embarking on the journey of establishing a practice from scratch can be an incredibly daunting task. I vividly recall dedicating two years to countless phone calls, meticulously planning for this exhilarating yet intimidating phase of my life. I did not come from family money, and I found myself in a town where I had no connections. Little did I know, I was met with fierce competition, determined to hinder my entry into the operating room and drive me out of town.

In this podcast episode, I not only recount the challenges I faced in initiating my practice but also outline a time-tested approach that has proven successful for individuals venturing into the realm of small business. Presently, my practice thrives within a vast 22,500-square-foot facility, boasting a team of multiple doctors, nurses, and providers on-site. Our financial achievements have earned us a position in the top 1% of aesthetic practices nationwide.

I hope that you find value in this podcast and the shared insights as you navigate the path to launching your practice or work towards enhancing your reputation within an existing one.



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