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From Pastor to CEO: The Leadership Journey of John Wheeler from Alpha Aesthetics Partners

“I know if I focus on our team and our people, they are going to treat our patients and clients the right way, which in turn makes our shareholders happy.” 

In this episode, I interview my business partner John Wheeler, who currently leads as the CEO of Alpha Aesthetics Partners. He is an esteemed professional whose career spans multiple areas, showcasing his commitment to culture building and scaling up in various industries - transitioning from the pastoral realm of seven years to the entertainment industry of five years, and then moving into the aesthetics space, he’s built incredible success in creating a nationwide team for Alpha with top level professionals. 

We discuss the significance of entrepreneurship and team building. Both John and I  agree that fostering a strong team begins with establishing the right culture. By offering comprehensive training, team members feel valued. Partnering with Alpha was the best decision for a multitude of reasons, and I'm excited to collaborate on building our team. As John emphasizes, “It’s important to have a strong training arm, if we are going to level up in the industry and with private equity support, it is possible.” While some physicians may be hesitant about partnerships, it's essential to conduct thorough research as it's not a decision to be made lightly. For more information, listen to our episode.



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