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Maximizing Your Aesthetic Business: Tips from a Successful Surgeon-Entrepreneur

In this podcast episode, I emphasize the importance of investing time in managing the business side of medicine, not just the day-to-day operations. Statistically, "90% of businesses fail within the first five years, while only 4% make it to a revenue of 10 million dollars."

Drawing on my 30 years as a surgeon and entrepreneur, I share valuable insights into the common pitfalls people encounter when trying to scale up their aesthetic practices. More often than not, people try to scale up on a poor foundation. Scaling up is never easy, but committing to the necessary time and taking calculated risks can lead to success. Tune in to this episode as I go over my journey including systems, policies, and procedures that have helped my practice grow.

Additionally, if you're intrigued by this episode, I have an upcoming mastermind program starting in April. Check out the link below for more details



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