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For those who know me, I have always been passionate about learning , sharing and teaching the business side of medicine to my colleagues.


As physicians, our primary responsibility will always be to our patients, and I pride myself on being an outstanding doctor and surgeon. 

However, if we want to maintain autonomy, capitalize on the decades of sacrifice it takes to become a physician and leverage the risk we have accepted to become physician entrepreneurs it is imperative to learn how to run a successful business in contrast to just creating a job for ourselves which has not value as an asset upon retirement.  I hope you will consider joining us and taking your business to the next level.  


dr. williams


Chief Operating Officer


Susan Sullivan, R.N., is the Chief Operating Officer at The Williams Center and an integral part of its success.


With over 35 years of experience in the operating room and plastic surgery, Susan has been with Dr. Williams for over 20 years and presents nationally on the management of cosmetic practices including staffing issues, staffing criteria, patient education and care, marketing and public relations. Susan has extensive knowledge in the management and establishment of Medicare Accredited Operating Rooms, Facial, Breast and Body Practices as well as in the Non-Surgical Arena.


Susan was asked to serve on the committee for The New York State Health to help write the existing guidelines for Office Based Surgery and has co-authored a chapter in a book “Comprehensive Facial Rejuvenation” which is a guide for surgeons, on facial plastic surgery and their practices. 

Kirstyn Vaughn

Chief Financial Officer


Kirstyn Vaughn, CFO of The Williams Center, brings years of experience in finance and management to the practice.


As manager of all company financials, Kirstyn is responsible for analyzing and reviewing financial data, preparing budgets, and monitoring expenditures and costs for each of the Williams’ practices.


Through Kirstyn’s ongoing advisement and ability to identify and implement improvements to streamline processes and increase cost-efficiency, the Williams Center has had strong financial standing year after year and anticipates continued growth.

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