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My wife and I own and operate a Cosmetic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine Clinic. Over the years we have experienced tremendous growth, expanded our facilities and grown a great team of employees. However, we knew we needed to have a hard look at our business to ensure we were creating something that would be valuable in the long term. We struggled with questions about corporate structure, finance planning, structuring a business that could be sold if we want to, and partnerships approaches. We had heard Dr. Williams speak at a conference and were blown away by his business knowledge.


We've worked with other consultants before and been disappointed. We learned that unless a consultant has owned and operated their own practice, their advice needs to be considered carefully. The consulting with Dr. Williams has been truly life altering. It became clear quite quickly that through his own experience owning and operating a private practice, he has actionable and valid strategies to share. He performed a complete analysis of our business and made recommendations that were well researched and appropriate for our specific situation. We highly recommend Dr. Williams consulting services.

- Dr. Thomas Buonassisi

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Dr Ed Williams was my business mastermind and coach for one year. His advice, real world experience, and wisdom are second to none. He has provided excellent practical guidance in helping me reset the course of my practice which now encompasses 5 locations and 50 employees. I highly recommend Dr Williams for business and practice coaching no matter what your specialty. 

-  Eric Dohner, M.D.

In surgery we begin our careers learning from mentors. We then go into practice on our own, think we need to figure out all for ourselves, and forget the transformative role mentors can have in our lives. This is the opposite of what is done by successful CEOs and businessman.


Finding mentors as a surgeon/ entrepreneur is perhaps the most important thing you can do to put you on the track for success. There is no better mentor in this field than Dr. Ed Williams. He is a lifelong student of business and will turn you on to some of the most important concepts and books to help set your practice on the fast track. His plan for business succession is pure genius and he will teach you how to take a page from the accountants and attorneys who commonly grow their solo practices into multi-partner conglomerates. He also happens to be one of the nicest, honest, and most decent persons in our field that I have ever met and I consider him a mentor and role model in life as well.

James C. Marotta, M.D.

I have known Dr Ed Williams for over 15 years as a fellow partner in the New England Laser and Cosmetic Surgery Center. I have found him to be not only an outstanding physician but an excellent administrator and businessman. His efforts in making the surgical center a success was greatly appreciated by his fellow partners. This extremely complicated project exemplified his abilities to accomplish a goal despite the many obstacles that were put in his way. He has an excellent skill set with regards to formulating strategies to move the surgical center forward.


I have dealt with many other individuals on a business basis during my forty-year career.  I can truly say that Dr. Williams was the most professional of them all and the easiest to work with. He always had the interests of the partnership at heart. He was always excellent at communicating with the other partners involved in this endeavor.

Robert Califano, D.P.M

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