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scaling up

Program Details

Business Meeting

Phase I: Operation Evaluation

Pre-visit evaluation of accounting, marketing, and business operations.

  • By sharing (confidentially) your current P&L, how you market your practice and internal operations, Dr. Williams and his executive team are able to evaluate where you are today and how they'd recommend you get to the next level.

Phase II:  Visit and Learn About The Williams Center

Guided tour of Williams’ practices (including non-surgical Rejuva Center)

  • Get an inside look at client services, systems and best practices.

  • One-on-one with Dr. Williams to learn about his steps to success.

  • Dinner with Dr. Williams.

Phase III: Comprehensive Written Report

Observation and recommendation by Dr. Williams and Susan Sullivan, COO.

  • After having reviewed documentation shared in Phase I and taking into consideration what Susan learned during the site visit (Phase II), a comprehensive report of observations and recommendations for improvement will be developed and delivered to you.

Phase IV: Conference Call Debriefing

One-hour debriefing with Dr. Williams and Susan Sullivan, COO.

  • A one-hour call will be scheduled after delivery of the Comprehensive Written Report (Phase III), with Dr. Williams and Susan Sullivan to discuss the report and answer questions on Scaling UP your practice.

Phase V: Follow-up

Subsequent six-month follow-up conference with Susan Sullivan

  • Follow-up call with Susan Sullivan to hear how implementation of lessons learned have gone and answer questions.

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