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Location: Savannah, Georgia 

April 18th - April 20th 2024

The Power Trio to Success: Elevate, Collaborate, Grow

Program Details

Limited to 12 attendees

Phase I: 3 Day Learning Retreat

  • Virtual Tour of The Williams Center (22 sq ft. space)

    • Features Surgical/ Reconstructive, and Non-Surgical Rejuva Center Space ​

  • Learn How to Build a Successful Business Toolbox (SBT)

    • ​​Systems and policies - best practices

    • Finance and accounting procedures
    • Operations - purchasing equipment, etc.
    • On-boarding new doctors
    • Strategies for developing multiple profit centers
    • Leadership workshops
    • Hiring, coaching, team training
    • Marketing and social media techniques & secrets
  • 30-minute Hot Seats  

    • Get answers from your peers most troubling business questions/hurdles (submitted prior to retreat)

  • 1:1 Business Assessment and Goal Setting with Dr. Williams'




Phase II: Year-long Coaching from Brian Hayes and Dr. Edwin Williams 

  • Monthly virtual check-ins with Brian Hayes (topic focused)

    • Weekly 60-90 minute virtual training sessions 

      • ​​Involves coaching, support, assistance to ensure attendees effectively execute and implement the teachings into their practice.

  • Quarterly 1 on 1 coaching

    • Virtual check-in with Dr. Edwin Williams (1 hour session)​​

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