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From Dream to Reality: Pioneering Success as a Young Female Surgeon & Practice Owner

I had the privilege of speaking with Dr. Lauren Umstattd, a renowned and Board Certified physician specializing in Facial Plastic Surgery. In this episode, Dr. Umstattd opens up about her dream of establishing her practice and turning it into a reality. Despite being open for less than a year, she has already made a significant impact in the field, with a steady stream of patients seeking her expertise.

From the very beginning of her journey, Dr. Umstattd embraced the principle of "going slow and steady." She recognized the importance of carefully building her practice to ensure its success. In our conversation, she emphasizes the potential risks associated with growing too fast and how it can lead to an overwhelming situation. Her thoughtful approach to team-building is also highlighted, emphasizing the significance of learning from past experiences to create a cohesive and successful team.

With a passion for connecting with her audience and providing valuable educational content, she curates her own social media posts daily. Through TikTok, Dr. Umstattd educates individuals about facial plastic surgery, offering unique insights and responding to questions. Her dedication to staying active on social media allows her to reach a wider audience and build trust with potential patients.



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