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Sculpting Confidence from the Inside Out – Facial Plastic Surgeon and Fitness Owner Matt Phelps

In this episode, I interview Matt Phelps, the visionary behind the successful strength-training gym Metabolic. Matt's entrepreneurial journey began while training student-athletes at Lasalle, where he transformed a simple idea into a comprehensive business plan. His vision was clear – to offer unparalleled strength training workouts for members and to build a community-like family. Today, Metabolic has fourteen locations across the Capital Region, including Syracuse and Rochester.

Entrepreneurship demands optimism, regardless of the industry. Reflecting on my own experience building a facility three decades ago, I recall the daunting nature of the process. Looking back, I realize that without taking risks, it's impossible to determine if an endeavor will succeed. In our conversation, Matt emphasizes the importance of refining his business model through various tries until he finds the most effective approach.

Running a business involves facing uncertainties, and I always say, "You can only grow a business as fast as you can attract, train, and hire." In this episode, we dive into the challenges of scaling a business and the perseverance required to overcome obstacles.

Furthermore, we explore the relationship between plastic surgery and fitness, highlighting the importance of healthy eating. The fusion of these elements contributes not only to physical well-being but also to the overall confidence and liveliness of individuals.

Join us on the episode to hear all the great things from dreaming big to turning those dreams into reality.



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