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Part 2: Interview with Dr. Grace Lee Peng - Lessons Learned, Six Months into Solo Practice

I had the privilege of interviewing Dr. Grace Lee Peng, a notable woman in the field of facial plastics from Beverly Hills. With an impressive eight-year career, she has achieved tremendous success, so much so that her journey has taken an exciting turn. Six months ago, she decided to open her private practice.

For some, the transition to private practice can be challenging, but Dr. Peng saw it as the perfect moment to pursue her dream of owning her practice. She shares her experiences and valuable lessons she has learned thus far. Her enthusiasm for future growth and success certainly shines through in this episode.

In addition, we dive into the intriguing topic of private equity in facial plastic surgery. As the private equity industry continues to expand it's important to understand the workings of this business model.

Tune in to this episode for a deeper understanding of these exciting topics.



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