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Part 1: Interview with Dr. Grace Lee Peng - Embracing the New Opportunity

Last month, I interviewed Dr. Grace Lee Peng who has been successful in her career, working with some of the most prominent plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills: Dr. Paul Nassif, Babak Azizzadeh, and Guy Massry.

Now, with almost eight years of experience working in the same practice as Dr. Nassif, she is taking on the opportunity to go for a change and open up her practice. Dr. Peng talks about her pearls and the lessons she has learned along the way.

Not only is she involved with the non-profit organization, The Sheila Kar Health Foundation, but she also serves as one of the co-directors for the AAFRPS. In this episode, we discuss how the organization does a great job with inclusion and bringing younger surgeons

to the podium to educate others on their experience in the field.

Stay tuned for a Part 2 episode in April!




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