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From Grit to Glamour: The Journey of a PA-C to Aesthetic Injector Pioneer

“I was one of the first non-doctor providers to step out and open my medical spa in Leesburg, Virginia. Some people doubted me, but I knew I could do it!” 

In this episode, I interviewed one of my equity partners with Alpha, Sarah Safa MS, PA-C, a Certified Physician Assistant, Aesthetic Specialist, Founder of RefinedAesthetics, LLC, located in Leesburg, Virginia, and co-owner of Radiance Salon and Medical Spa in Lansdowne, Virginia. 

She shared her expertise in the field and the inspiring story behind her rise to success, driven by her motivation and determination to make a positive impact in the industry. As an entrepreneur, it's normal to navigate through challenges. For someone who started their practice with minimal social media use, she knew her brand could only be built through word of mouth - “I learned by treating each patient at my office special, and intimately, they would refer their friends, but I had to make every single patient encounter count.” 

As business owners, we both believe it’s important to not only treat your patients in this matter but also make them feel like they are in a safe space. More recently, pop-up med spas have started to rise and we need to keep the bar high and continue to follow industry standards. 

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