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Redefining Success: Insights and Inspiration from A Woman Leader in Facial Plastic Surgery

In this episode, I interview Dr. Theda Kontis, a renowned international leader in Facial Plastic Surgery based in Maryland. Dr. Kontis has had exceptional success in her career and serves as an inspiration to women looking to get involved in the AAFPRS organization. Recently, she was chosen as president of the academy in October of 2022.

During our conversation, Dr. Kontis shares her insights on the key ingredients to consider when joining a senior partner. For younger surgeons, this is a crucial decision in the field. She emphasizes the importance of choosing wisely and taking into account where the senior partner's position stands in their career. Dr. Kontis herself joined Dr. Ira Palpel in 1994 and has since flourished in their practice at The Aesthetic Center at Woodholme.

Some words of wisdom from this podcast from both of us are to "be yourself, and be a good doctor."


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